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Machine Learning with Python

Become Machine Leaning expert in three months with the structured and meticulous Training program. We are Offering instructor led Machine learning with Python Course In Pune,Pimpri Chinchwad and Viman Nagar.

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In a world predominated by machines, it would only be logical to allow them to hold their own. Machine learning does exactly that to benefit human lives. It is the science of getting machines, preferably computers, to act on their own accord. Machines need to be fed with an algorithm that instructs the machine to act in a certain manner, by itself, without human assistance. Machine learning has provided us with cars that drive themselves, speech recognition, effective web search and a deep and detailed understanding of human genome.

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Program Highlights

Machine learning with Python is a course that covers the basics of machine learning while abiding with the modules of Python. This is because Python’s module helps the implementation of machine learning algorithms. They are usually split across five sessions:

  • Simple and multiple linear regressions
  • Tree based methods
  • Regularization
  • Principal component analysis (PCA)
  • Clustering algorithms
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This course would definitely come in handy for data science enthusiasts. By giving them an insight into the vast potential of machine learning, corporates can train data scientists to achieve more from their machines than before. This is revolutionary technology that holds the ability to change the way the world functions. Tapping into this would help companies generate revenue more efficiently.

IT Professionals
If you are a professional and looking to enhance your profile then this course is the right choice as a first step in upscaling your profile.
Entry Level Developers
Fresh graduates who are looking to make an entry in IT world this course would be good start to make yourself stand apart from the crowd ,get your fundamentals strong.


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The question that could be lurking on your mind right: why Felix IT for learning? At Felix IT we offer a wide range of courses that equip you with the essential skills to make it big in the IT industry.

  • Felix IT provides both beginner and intermediate levels of Data science with Python, Hadoop and Spark, and SQL as well.
  • We offer week-based programmes in Web development, UI designing, and data science with part time courses in Web development, iOS development, data analytics and UX/UI design
  • What makes our course hard to miss is the fact that we cover JavaScript in-depth. This includes AngulaJS as well as Node.js.
  • Our data science bootcamp covers Python, SQL and Hadoop.
  • Levelling up your IT knowledge is easy to come by with our elite team of mentors and instructors who provide assistance and guidance at every learning curve you encounter.


Introduction to machine learning
  • Why do we need machine learning?
  • Which industries can benefit from machine learning?
  • What is machine learning?
Programming language for machine learning
  • R/Java/Python
  • Basics of programming
  • Data pre-processing with programming language
  • Machine learning with a programming language
  • Programming assignments on data manipulation and data pre-processing
Machine learning algorithms
  • Regression: Linear and Non-linear, Insurance premium predictions, housing price predictions, linear and non-linear regression model building
  • Classification: customer categorization, text classification, etc.
Dive into machine learning
  • What is machine learning?
  • Supervised machine learning
  • Unsupervised machine learning
  • Document clustering
  • Customer segmentation
  • Project assignment
Model evaluation techniques and feature engineering
  • Model evaluation
  • Need of feature engineering
  • Feature engineering techniques
  • Machine learning based forecasting and analysis applications across social media agencies.
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  • Machine learning is a difficult concept to understand thanks to the experienced teachers, my daughter could understand the basics and have a great start to her career.

    Gurdeep Kaur, Hadapsar, Pune

  • I think the coverage was pretty extensive. Thanks for the elaborate course syllabus.

    Disha Meghani, Malad, Mumbai



Considering the topics covered under the wide umbrella of the Machine Learning course in Python, the applications across industries are endless. From automobiles to textiles, the application of machine learning finds no end. Statisticians suggest that companies manage to hike up their overall productive output by a staggering 85% by just the incorporation of machine learning. Machine learning with advanced Python to aid its implementation makes the process even more lucid.



Job Prospects And Pre-Requisites

Machine Learning helps to find patterns in data. Python has the tools and syntax that makes the work of machine learning simplified. When you combine the best of both these technologies, a world of opportunities await you. The massive influx of AI and big data too had opened up many avenues for a machine learning expert to pitch in with his/ her expertise.

Why Choose Felix-ITs?

Our institute has gained prominence in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad. Our well qualified teachers are the main differentiators for us at Felix. With them we impart superior quality education in Machine Learning and Python. We start with base level programming so that even students who have limited exposure to programming concepts can pick up the concept and be totally confident in it. Machine Learning is a tough subject to master, but our faculty makes sure that every single student’s doubt and query has been clarified so that they stand a better chance of succeeding in the assessments and examinations. We do thorough revisions and carry out periodic internal assessments. The purpose of these mini-tests is to make the student understand the subject well and continue learning the language for better effectiveness at the examinations. Be it data collection, data wrangling, advanced statistical and algorithm building techniques, we equip the upcoming machine learning experts will all the skills needed to be able to solve real world business problems and leave an indellible impression on the stakeholders within the corporate world. Submit Details To Get a Call Back From Our Career Counsellors we provide Machine Learning training with Python along with live projects in Pune ,Pimpri Chinchwad and viman nagar.

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1. What do you provide in your beginner and intermediate courses??
Ans. The beginner and intermediate courses teaches you the full set of skills required to qualify for the post of a data scientist. Unlike the courses available elsewhere, Felix IT focuses on one language and/or one set of tools. Our beginner and intermediate courses include R, Hadoop, Python and Spark.
2. Who can apply?
Ans. Felix IT can accept application from candidates who hold the following degrees: IT Engineering , M.S. IT or MCA
3. What is the application process?
Ans. In order to enroll yourself into the course, you need to give a call to us and one of our counselor will brief you the process.
4. What time commitments are needed?
Ans. Considering these are full time courses, students are expected to commit to the course timings. This regime is in order for the timely completion of course to enable students to apply for jobs and hit the ground running.


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